Have What They Don't Want, Want What They Don't Have



Level: 9

HP: 42

Name: Dulcello
Age: 26
Gender: N.A.
Race: Human
Class: Expert
Level: 3
XP: – 1
Home: Earth (Core World Human)
Background Package: Technician
Training Package: Custom
Class Ability: Like A Charm – Once per hour can re-roll a failed skill check, must take second score even if lower.

Attribute Scores:

Str: 9
Int: 14 (1)
Dex: 11
Wis: 10
Con: 11
Cha: 14 (1)


Exosuit: 2
Culture/World: 0
Combat/Gunnery: 1
Vehicle/Any: 0
Tech/Fed Tech: 2
Tech/Pre Tech: 3
Combat/Projectile: 3
Combat/Unarmed: 0
Computer: 1


Attack Bonus: 4
Physical Effect Save: 12
Mental Effect Save: 11
Evasion Save: 8
Technology Save: 7
Luck Save: 10

Physical Markers

Armour Class: 7
Hit Points: 54
Psi Points: -
System Strain: 9

Weapons Stats

Semi-Automatic Pistol – 1d6+1


Power Armour:
Armour Class: 2
Encumbrance: 2
Laser – 10 shots before recharge, 1d6, 100-300m

Silverskin suit (can be replicated)
Counts as specialist suit class mech with following fittings:
Active Camo Surface
Antigrav nodes
Breaching Tool
MES knife (1d12 damage)
‘Cargo space’ (can lift 200 kilos in adition to users own strength)
HP: 10* (can be taken on the characters HP instead)
AC: 3
Speed: 6
Armour: 8# (does not apply against gunnery class weapons).
Note: this can be used inside a ship as it is literaly just a ‘thin’ film of articulate nano-machines over the body of the user.

Silver Shrike (cannot be replicated)
Heavy Shock Mech:
Weapons: Beam Lance (5d8, AP 30)
Vortex Cannon (5d12 AP 10),
Gravchutes, hardened poly-ceramic overlay (incoming attacks AP halved)
Armour: 25
HP: 70, AC: 5

Grapnel launcher

Solar recharger
Spare power cell
Climbing Harness

Direct Interface Level 2
Eelskin Mesh
External Braindrive
Slowtime Window (thinking time, +1 strain each use, no surprise)
Twitchlock Actuators (precise aiming – reroll attack/skill, -1 dex when engaged)
Gravity Anchors (run up walls/ceilings)

Worn Equipment
Armoured Undersuit
Grav Harness (fly 20m/round, 200kg, 5mins)

Personal Equipment
Laz – Personal Drone – made of pretech programming language, Only Ducello knows it’s not a VI
Meta Tools

Data Pad
- Basic (Savings)

Stims found:
Bug net: soak 15 damage
Hummingbird: flying

Vision, useful for computers/hacking/tech diagnosis – causes green-eyes

Phospor tattoos
Left arm sleeve – wires & pistons
Tribal tattoo – right side of face


From a wealthy Earth family, long history of decorated officers. Rebelled & ran away from home at 16/17.

Presents androgynous, ze/zie pronouns.

Not always good in social situations, though after time it becomes clear that’s usually intentional.
Charming and seductive when ze chooses. Omnisexual.


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