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From: Federation High Command Dispatch Offices; Ky’sen Tower, Office of Fleet Navigation and Logistics.
To: Lieutenant Commander Captain Merula

Dated: Fed Standard Calendar 481452.60.20

CC: Regional Fleet Office Records Multinational Commonwealth Space Authority; Local Garrison Commander Adrian Bujold, Zoloto System Base Echo-Alpha-Green

Subject: Dispatch Notice


By legal right of military charter you are ordered to proceed to the Zoloto star system and report immediately to Commander Bujold and join the garrison at base Echo-Alpha-Green. Further, your ship assignment has been confirmed. You are to take command of the MSV Valor, PF-40-145-78 Forward-Unto-Dawn Class Frigate. You will find enclosed with this file all documents and records pertaining to the MSV Valor, its compliment and equipment and any other information command deems pertinent to your mission. Your mission objectives are as follows:

1. To enforce and uphold the Federation agreed upon laws, charters and treaties as pertinent to the Zoloto star system .

2. You are to reinforce and support in all respects Commander Bujold and his legal and military authority.

3. To actively participate in the defense of and upholding of the lives and rights of all Federation citizens and sapient beings within the Zoloto star system under legal right of Commander Adrian Bujold, local fleet authorities and the Federation High Command etc.

Upon receipt of this dispatch please proceed at best possible speed to the rendezvous co-ordinates enclosed where you will transfer to your new command.

On behalf of the Federation, her citizens and all sapient life I wish you the best of luck and the blessings of the divines of every world.

Fleet General Junius Teberyn

Player note: in the core book, any technology of less than Tech Level 5 is available in the Third Federation, 5 and above is the province of the Second and First galactic powers





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