Federation Military Customs


the Federation tradition is called the ‘Captains Salute’ whereby the enlisted crew and officers on board a ship will salute the captain and visiting officers by the salute specified by the captains star-nation or species home-world of origin. since each home world unified military has its own salute, sometimes this can become confusing, but it isnt an outright direct violation of protocol. so long as it is one of the Five Standard salutes and it is given promptly and directly, then discipline has been satisfied.

the Five Standard Salutes are as follows (given in human variation)

Vesh: The Righteous Oath (hands closed into fists and placed over the chest, head bowed)

Kyneth: Gesture of Natural Duty (Left had placed o n the chest palm vertical, facing right, chin and eyes raised)

Tsathi: Spirit of the Tribe (dominant hand flat, fingertips against forehead, then opened palm up to the officer, eyes downcast)

Nurath: Flow As the Waters (short bow from the waist)

Human: UN salute (right hand at temple, palm down, eye contact maintained)

Space Burial

Due to the dangers of possible impact, bodies are usually cremated by sending them into a planetary atmosphere or stellar corona. the following is conventionally read at the funerals of Federation soldiers (English translation from original Kyneth)

We send these,The bodies of our People,
Vessels of their dreams and souls,
To be scattered as dust among
The stars that birthed them,
To whom they gave their lives
For our lives, for our families
And for the Federation

Federation Military Customs

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