Tisa Aven va Tia si Valour

*Eternally Screaming*


Personal Details

Name: Tisa Aven va Tia si Valour
Age: 38
Gender: Female
Race: Tsathi
Class: Expert
Level: 9
XP: 0
Background Package: Comms Crew
Training Package: Customs
Class Ability: Like A Charm – Once per hour can re-roll a failed skill check, must take second score even if lower.

Attribute Scores:

Str: 8 (0)
Int: 14 (1)
Dext: 11 (0)
Wis: 14 (1)
Con: 8 (0)
Cha: 17 (1)


Computer: 4
Culture/Spacer: 0
Tech/Fed Tech: 0
Persuade: 1
Leadership: 0
Bureaucracy: 1
Perception: 3
Combat/Kinetic: 3
Combat/Unarmed: 0


Attack Bonus: 4
Physical Effect Save: 12
Mental Effect Save: 11
Evasion Save: 8
Technology Save: 7
Luck Save: 10

Physical Markers

Armour Class: 2
Hit Points: 54
Psi Points: -
System Strain: 5

Weapons Stats

Name: Artifact Shotgun (In Progress)
Damage: 3d4+2
Range: 10/30
Magazine: 12
Attribute: Dex
Tech: 4
Notes: +2 To Hit; Burst Fire; Usable In Any Environment; Disguises Self As A Silver Engraved Wrist Brace.


Worn Equipment

Artifact Armour:

AC: 2
Power Cells: No
Descriptor: A mid-weight polymer suit comprised of armored plates and sealed joints that maintain rigidity under impact. Kinetic absorption sink keeps the armor functioning without power cells. Stutter-Jump technology allows the wearer to short range teleport up to 100ft provided an uninterupted line of sight.

Direct Interface Level Two
Ghost Talk Transceiver
Neural Overload Wiring
Deep Echo Penetrative Radar
Internal Commlink

Personal Equipment
Personal Drone


Data Pad
Glow pads
Argus Web
Meta Tool
Thermal Flare
9050 Basic (Savings)


Tisa Aven va Tia si Valour

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