Henry Lloyd

Fanatical Social Engineer


Class: Expert


Henry Lloyd is a rich, intelligent man with a slight megalomaniac streak, who genuinely believes that his understanding of the Second Federation Ontology , the key unifying factor of the Second Federation, is correct and that it must be applied immediately by any means necessary. To this end he attempted to create a device based on slaver wasp psionics and chemistry that would have, in theory, make him extremely convincing and be able to slowly modify many people at once to abide by the Ontology. This terrorist plot was prevented by the brave actions of the MSV valour and their civilian allies.

Henry founded Endymion during the slaver wasp war, and claims to have contributed to the war effort by attempting to uncover second federation weapons technology and secrets. Lloyd suffers from a particularly aggressive form of multiple sclerosis which is not completely treatable by Federation Medicine

Physical Description: Brown Haired, Green eyed, walks with a limp, smiles kindly when challenged, always speaks softly.

Henry Lloyd

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