Shae'tora Sorin

"If you can dodge this scalpel , get out my med bay!"


Personal Details:

Age: 37
Gender: Female
Race: Falchira
Class: Psychic
Level: 7
XP: 0
Background Package: Biotech Crew
Training Package: Healer
Class Ability: Psychic Powers – Able to use psychic abilities

Attribute Scores:

Str: 12 (0)
Int: 17 (1)
Dex: 13 (0)
Wis: 14 (1)
Con: 14 (1)
Cha: 10 (0)


Tech/Medical: 2
Culture/Spacer: 0
Science: 0
Tech/Astrotech: 1
Culture/Alien: 0
Tech/Psitech: 0
Combat/Unarmed: 1


Attack Bonus: 2
Physical Effect Save: 11
Mental Effect Save: 10
Evasion Save: 13
Technology Save: 14
Luck Save: 12

Physical Markers:

Armour Class: 5
Hit Points: 30
Psi Points: 43
System Strain: -

Weapons Stats:

Name: Void Carbine
Damage: 2d6
Range: 100/300
Magazine: 10
Attribute: Dex
Tech: 4


Worn Equipment
Woven Body Armour

Personal Equipment
Glow pads
Argus Web
Meta Tool
Thermal Flare
14600 Basic (Savings)



Biostasis – Can restore life to a touched creature, that has been dead for no more than 6 rounds. 100% chance within 3 rounds of death, decreasing by 25% every round thereafter. Mastered
Psychic Succor – Can heal 1 target of 1d8 + Con modifier (min 1) damage. Mastered
Purge Toxin – Can purge illness or toxin from target by allowing a physical save with a +2 bonus. If target has died due to poison or disease within last 3 rounds can restore to life with one hit point. Power doesn’t work is illness is genetic. Mastered
Invincible Stand – Allows subject to continue acting even when their hit points have been lowered below zero. Effect lasts to the end your next turn. Subject will still die if on -30 hp. If target is at negative hp when power ends they must make a Physical Effect saving throw or die on the spot. If successful, they live with 1 hit point. Each round of this effect adds 1 System Strain to target. Cost – 7
Augment Organism – Boost the physical capabilities of a target in line of sight. For five minutes, the subject gains either +1 to their Dex or Str modifier. This power can be used up to twice on a single target. Each activation of this power increases the target’s System Strain by 1 point. Cost – 9
Metamorph – Your shape-changing ability may now also mimic inanimate objects so long as they are equal to your mass. Cost – 11
Psychic Vitality – The psychic emits a wave of energy that heals nearby allies. All allies within twenty meters gain 2d8 hit points plus twice their Con modifier, up to their normal max hit points. Use of this power adds 2 System Strain points to everyone affected. Cost – 13

Omen – Allows analysis of a simple situation as to whether or not physical or mental affects are likely within the next 10 minutes. Cost – 1 +1 per round of activation

Remote Manipulation – Can manipulate objects as though with one hand (no finesse) so long as it is in line of sight. This can be used to manipulate weapons at a -2 penalty. Cost – 1
Telekinetic Press – You can apply up to 200kg of force to an object, either lifting or pressing. You have no finer control over this than with Remote Manipulation. Cost – 3
Complex Manipulation
The psychic can now manipulate the object as if with two or more hands, simultaneously
operating multiple switches, dials, or controls and now suffers no penalty when wielding an object to attack. Cost – 5

Psychic Harmonization – You become resistant to hostile psionic forces. +2 to all saving throws versus psionic effects for power duration. You can also determine whether or not a person they aretouching has any psychic abilities, though not specific disciplines. Cost – 1
Psionic Static Field
Anyone activating psionic abilities within your line of sight costs psi points as if the power were one level higher. This ability does not affect level 9 powers. You and allies are not affected. Multiple static fields do not stack in effect. Cost – 3


Shae'tora Sorin

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