Correspondence: Commander Bujold to Captain Merula Re: Recent Events


With due consideration, given the escalation of events on Arkanglesk and the shift in policy the dramatic discoveries made there will no doubt cause, I have chosen to compose my orders in person and in writing. I believe you and your crew handled yourselves with exceptional skill and fortitude given the circumstances, and should be recognized as such. I will be organizing the proper rewards and medal ceremonies forthwith, and dispatching your letter to Marine Private Weaver’s family. I must extend my sympathies to security division for their loss, but I also must congratulate them on preventing much worse losses of civilian authority and citizen lives.

In light of that, and the station being returned to some kind of order under the command of Administrator Katrina (which I do not believe will be countermanded by the planetary government as currently she is a media darling) I am instructing you to continue your inspections for the time being, with the administrators approval of course, and suggest that you and your crew take advantage of the stations facilities for the time being. I intend to come to the station aboard my personal corvette to negotiate with the planetary government and Administrator Katrina, the assignment of a semi-permanent detachment of marines (which will be under her and her security chiefs authority) to assist in protecting the station against any further military threats.

Given that, I will brief you on your next assignment when I arrive in eight days. if your first officer is recovered by then, I would like her present for the briefing. In the meanwhile, I will be rendezvousing with a ship from the Ore Mining Guild which is carrying military grade fuel that the guild managed to salvage after arresting some of their external dock worker crews based on information that one of their captains forwarded to them following the battle on the station. The guild has donated the fuel to us in payment for discovering the saboteurs that were working amoung them; it will be use to replenish your ship for its next mission.

Yours Sincerely

Cmmdr. Bujold


Adymon wolfkaiserin

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